by Esa Turtiainen

I have recently used a brand new high-end HP laptop - with Windows 2000 (don’t ask why…). I soon realized that it is not as powerful as it should.

It turned out that second core of Dual core Pentium was turned off from BIOS.

When I turned it on, the CPU reached almost 80 centigrades. There was a good reason for turning the second core off. The fan was at full speed all the time.

It turned out that there was no reasonable power management for new CPUs in Windows 2000.

I managed to find one: RMclock (http://cpu.rightmark.org/products/rmclock.shtml).

After installing the utility, CPU temperature is merely like 50 centigrades. And the fan is much quieter. I can really recommend this piece of software. I also tested it on couple of AMD computers and the result was very good but not as dramatical.

RMclock is free. There is a professional add-on which adds some features that are very handy in servers: different power policy at different time of day. I’d happily pay 15 euros to get these features if I used Windows in servers. RMclock is a Russian product which makes some people worry about adware. I have not found any sign of that.

One problem I had was that the utility did not start at the boot. Setting that in the configuration did not help. From discussion board I found a hint that you have to restart the utility to get this setting into effect. That worked and the utility starts nicely at the boot.