Rooting Galaxy S3 in Ubuntu

by Esa Turtiainen
tags: Android

It is pretty frustrating to try to find instructions to root Samsung Galaxy S3. There are many versions, many flash partitions to consider and especially the operation in Windows is complex due to excess legacy stuff.

In Ubuntu it is simple.

  1. Find

Use Google ...


Day’s one-liner: sync your web server to S3

by Esa Turtiainen
tags: S3 git AWS

Deploy your web server from the local machine to S3:

s3cmd sync --exclude '.git\*' --exclude '\*~' ./ s3://www.\`basename $PWD\`

I put my web server into ~/git/ You cd to this directory. This one-liner sends all important files from the current directory to the S3 web server in bucket ...


Google Blogger sucks

by Esa Turtiainen
tags: blogger SEO

Guess what are the chances that you read this after searching from Google? 0%

This Blogger really sucks. Googlebot has checked these pages 49 times during a year but it has not taken any page into index.

In Goole index: 0

A part of it must be the new JavaScript layout that was in ...


Startup company IT with couple of dollars - Static web server in S3 - How to configure DNS?

I have couple of startup ideas where I first need a simple web page, email and document archive.

Here I discuss how to create a quick startup office and static web pages. I use my recent project as an example.

Especially I tell how to configure static pages ...


Meaning of directories in Linux (FSH)

by Esa Turtianen
tags: Linux Unix FSH

I put a copy of my answer to Quora here.

Unix file system hierarchy is full of historical crap but there are some principles behind that. This is a division that I have found useful:

  • Directories that are absolutely required in the boot (/bin, /lib, /root) vs. files that are ...