Cheapest Linux & web server? Maybe EC2 but just maybe

I have been looking for a simple web server in the cloud. Something to host web pages but with full root access to do all kind of fancy things.

I have had one for over 10 years. That is in I am fully satisfied with that, but the ...


Writing Blogger articles with RST restructured text

by Esa Turtiainen

While writing the previous article I found a problem: having HTML tags in Blogger post destroyed the layout totally. Blogger was not able to quote them properly.

So, I tried a new approach. I wrote the article with RST, restructured text, and interpreted it as HTML with command:

rst2html article ...

XSLT for parsing HTML? No, use R instead

by Esa Turtiainen
tags: XSLT R

How to parse data from HTML?

I often have needed some values from a HTML page.

For example, we find out that there is the wanted information in the HTML table:

<h1>Here is the price</h1>

What I am looking for ...


Fedora 17 boot sequence

by Esa Turtiainen
tags: Linux GPU Bitcoin

Installing a commercial GPU driver to Linux is always at least exciting.

Once again, some automatic updated clashed with the manual ATI Radeon Catalyst driver installation and my system did not boot. I need fresh drivers to do some Bitcoin mining.

I re-installed all the X11 and GDM packages I ...


Blogger SEO: difficult but obligatory

by Esa Turtiainen

Today’s lesson: Google wipes ass with your blogger posts if you don’t know what to do.

It seems that the current Google search algorithm is very aggressive in dumping pages that contain some errors. It is very difficult to avoid those mistakes in Blogger.

One way to find ...