by Esa Turtiainen
tags: Android

I updated an old Galaxy S (the old original i9000) to CyanogenMod 10.1 (Android 4.2.2) which, by the way, works excellently in this old smartphone.

However, when uploading the update file cm-.zip with adb push, I always got an error:

adb protocol fault (no status)

When I checked logs, it seemed that the Gnome modem manager found the device as a potential modem (as it is) and continously, about once per 10 seconds, checked if the smartphone was interested in acting like a modem.

This modem check disturbed the adb push so that it caused protocol fault.

If you upload small files, the error goes likely unnoticed. But you can not upload new Android >100MB without protocol error.

You can not do anything in the telephone recovery mode, so the only thing to do is to stop the modem manager.

I managed to stop modem manager by:

sudo stop modemmanager
sudo stop network-manager
sudo pkill modem-manager

I have slightly modified Ubuntu 13.10 alpha so something less may work with you. I needed all three.