by Esa Turtiainen

There is a new Opera 9.50 browser and I tried it. I have tried Opera about every second year. I sort of like it but I still prefer Firefox.

The interesting new feature was voice commands. If you need them, they likely are usable. After a quick try I managed to get them working except the voice command "opera click" (to follow a link). It is slightly frustrating that you have to press a key and say "opera" at the beginning of every command.

Opera has a bunch of very good looking widgets. However, they seem to disappear to desktop so that they are little difficult to manage. I am afraid that they are more good looking than useful. It is funny that every application seems to need a widget system that allows you to see weather in all kind of funny places.

And Opera is still subjectively the fastest browser available. If I’d want to study some keyboard combinations, I certainly used Opera. Unfortunately I am lazy to remember keys and so I likely stick with Firefox. I am also a bit afraid on compatibility of some pages. However, I still test the Linux version and maybe…