by Esa Turtiainen

RimuHosting solved my problem in exactly 21 minutes. I find this execellent service. Though, the server needed only reboot (it has very little memory and likely it run out) and I could have done it myself if only I remembered the password. It was first problem I had with that server in two years.

An opposite example of support was RosettaStone language company. My wife ordered an on-line course couple of days ago. The product is impressive but pricey. Even the on-line usage requires downloading the speech recognition software. And Flash and Shockwave have to be brand new (forget Linux). My wife’s computer failed because of old Flash and she does not have admin rights. Next computer started the program but it gave a mystical error message "Fatal error #…". Reboot did not help and this number was not mentioned in the support pages (some others were).

I contacted the support with a web form. They answered with an support account password. I logged in to the support account and changed the password as suggested. In two days, I have not received an answer and my support account has disappeared. I used my own email address, not the registered one. Maybe that is why they did not answer although I explained the right user id.

This does not make me especially happy as a potential customer. Later it turned out that the software worked with IE but not with Firefox. And the next day it mystically worked even with Firefox. I rebooted, I swear.

Now it almost works. Except one button. I leave it to my wife to ask next time.

But I can recommend RosettaStone - I have used it couple of times in the past and I will use it in future as well. But online version likely just on Linux. If it worked.

About passwords - they are a huge mess these days. I think that I have more than 100 passwords currently active and important. I once made a wonderful password manager but I never released it. Hopefully I’ll return to that some day.