Dropbox backup of a headless server

by Esa Turtiainen
tags: Dropbox Linux

It is possible to use Dropbox as ~/Dropbox in a headless Linux server for backups. However, it is not possible to see all Dropbox files normally but prevent them to be downloaded. Sooner or later, the unattended Dropbox fills all the local disk of a small server.

I have a ...


Meaning of directories in Linux (FSH)

by Esa Turtianen
tags: Linux Unix FSH

I put a copy of my answer to Quora here.

Unix file system hierarchy is full of historical crap but there are some principles behind that. This is a division that I have found useful:

  • Directories that are absolutely required in the boot (/bin, /lib, /root) vs. files that are ...

Fedora 17 boot sequence

by Esa Turtiainen
tags: Linux GPU Bitcoin

Installing a commercial GPU driver to Linux is always at least exciting.

Once again, some automatic updated clashed with the manual ATI Radeon Catalyst driver installation and my system did not boot. I need fresh drivers to do some Bitcoin mining.

I re-installed all the X11 and GDM packages I ...