by Esa Turtiainen

While writing the previous article I found a problem: having HTML tags in Blogger post destroyed the layout totally. Blogger was not able to quote them properly.

So, I tried a new approach. I wrote the article with RST, restructured text, and interpreted it as HTML with command:

rst2html article.rst > article.html

This generates a stand-alone HTML page that you can review with a browser.

When the text was finished, I copied everything between <body> .. </body> to the blogger editor in HTML mode.

Everything worked and quotations were right. Images I had to add afterwards, because Blogger must also upload them.

What is RST?

RST is text that you write almost with no formatting at all. The program figures out what parts of the text are headers, code examples etc. It is close to the Wikipedia markup language.


OK, this is not perfect. There is no enough space between paragraphs but there is too much space around examples. I should modify Blogger CSS to get them right.

The pure HTML version looks great.